From Tragedy to Entrepreneur

My journey and mindset to rise up to the challenge of entrepreneurship. 

For the most part,  have no background in business, in fact, what I’m most skilled in,  is what  you may think is quite the opposite of a business owner/entrepreneur. I’m currently serving In the United States Air Force reserve as a combat photojournalist. 

In my 12 years as a photojournalist, I’ve traveled the world (in both heels and combat boots),  I have worked intensively with pre and post-deployers and their families, promoting resilience throughout deployment, and reintegration into civilian life upon their return.

In 2017, I lost my biggest mentor, my father, to cancer. I was shattered, depressed, and lost, in addition to having my 10 week old newborn to take care of. I nearly gave up my military career, and I could just barely see through my hurt and pain to take care of my baby. 

Somehow, driven by pure sorrow, I found purpose deeply hidden in my pain. I almost immediately founded The Jack Morenberg Foundation in my dad’s  honor. I knew absolutely nothing about non-profits, but I knew I could help make a difference and keep my dad’s legacy alive.

He would always tell me “If anyone can do it, it’s you”.

 My non-profit organization is dedicated to providing scholarships to children of first responders and military veterans. The foundation also helps fund first responder programs. To date, I have awarded five scholarships and funded nearly 100 youth to attend trainings, and competitions. 

After two years of being fully entrenched in managing and expanding my non-profit, I felt that the time had come for me to do more. Specially, for women. 

I’m embarking on another journey with the Jacquelyn Diana Co., with a mission to teach, mentor, and influence women and young girls through my online courses, such as my Military Mindset training , resource guides and in 2020 our first live event.

By using the very precise leadership principles and strategic skillsets that I have curated over the last decade in the military,  I help to create a mindset of courage and purpose, because sis, life is tough, but without a doubt, so are you.

So Girl Boss, Im sharing a little of my journey, I want you to remember that no matter what you’ve dealt with in the past, and what may seem uncertain on your future, weather you are starting with just a dream, or already leading a successful company, stay ambitious, don’t ever give up on yourself, and keep on showing the world how tough you really are. 

Xo- Jacquelyn 

I am here to serve women who are struggling to harness their leadership mindset and presence. With over 13 years of military training, I offer leadership coaching and strategies to women who are ready to conquer their insecurities and be confident in both their professional and personal lives.


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