Fast is Fine, but Accurate is Final

How is your aim for success in the New Year? 

Have you found that sweet spot in between recklessness and perfectionism


Even though I’m a creative, I’ve been born, raised, and worked in a structure environment.  

??I’ve learned the risk and rewards of both. 

Each decision will be relatively big or small, but if you have a gut feeling or intuition to start taking action here’s the two biggest issues I find. 


#1 -Sometimes you have to “shoot from the hip” and make a fast decision. 

? The key here is to make a educated decision. 

This decision may not be based on your own experience, but if you’ve done enough  studying, reading, and researching you should be able to assertain the best possible outcome. 

The expertise and 


#2- You are on the other side and get decision paralysis, or wait until eveything is perfect. 

 In this situation you read all the things, scour the internet for answers and ask all you family and friends, but STILL can’t make a decision! 

I don’t have this problem ? But if I did, I would do one of two things. 

 ??Deadline or Delagate 


Deadline➡️Give yourself a deadline that a decision has to be made. If you still can come to a conclusion, table it. 

Delagate➡️If you truly could make that decision on your own, you would make it. So delegating may be the best course of action to stay on track. 


Do you agree? ✍️What does your decision process look like ?

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