4 Ways to Influence and Command a Room

Are you ready to command a room of strangers with your energy and influence?


If you are running a meeting, conference, a party or even just walking into a social gathering.

You know the type of person I’m talking about. The one who walks in and you can’t take your eyes of them. The woman that seems confident, collected and unshakable, no matter how many people are watching them. 

I’m going to share a few tips that I’ve learned as a public speaker, trainer and leader that will help you control the energy and keep a command presence when you enter a room. 

Eye Contact

Make genuine eye contact with several people the second you walk into a room. I usually like to stop and scan a crowd purposefully making eye contact  immediately with those who notice my presence. These are the people you can next easily engage or network with first. 


Make sure your posture is strong and straight , with your shoulders rolled back, your abs are engaged, and chin is up.

“How you do anything, is how you do everything”. By demonstrating you have disciple and command over your body and its movements, people around you will  be more likely influenced by your words.

Smiling is Optional

Depending on the scenario; If you are in a authoritative role and need to maintain command  of subordinates or team, you may want to stick to keeping it firm. It’s much easier to maintain respect this way upon first impression.

If you are at a lovely social setting or relaxed party, please by all means, show off your gorgeous smile. You will invite others to smile back and also you will appear more approachable. (Great for networking) 

Be Unapologetic

??Take?? up ??space- and do so confidently. Do not be afraid to speak up, join into a conversation or walk toward a group to introduce yourself.

Most importantly,  remember YOU are worthy of captivating a room, leading a team, and sharing your energy and passion with others.

This doesn’t always come naturally, it can take time and practice, but like anything else, you can master it and truly lean into your own power! ??

Are you ready to take command?

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