What is Cadre?

An individual or team of leaders, who train leaders. They represent the highest of personal and moral standards.

What do we look for in Cadre Applicants?

As Cadre, you will be part of a bigger mission and purpose. To create, encourage and empower more women leaders.

Here are some things we are looking for:

  • Public Social media accounts
  • Engagement with our accounts, ig, facebook, liking, sharing, commenting and spreading the message of leadership, service, and community.
  • Post & Stories on your own platform that encourage, educate, and inspire others..
  • Individuals that embody awareness and ownership of their own values, as well as ours. Not shy about speaking up or sharing their truth.
  • Individuals who have purchase products or worked with Jacquelyn Diana previously. We want to be sure you actually believe in our brand and core mission!

What does being Cadre mean for you?

  • You will receive a product box with your Cadre shirt, and special welcome to the team gifts.
  • A 10% commission on all TAB program referrals  and product purchases with your unique code.
  • A special 20% off code for your personal apparel purchases.
  • A private FB group to be part of product launches, team meet-ups, Live events,
  • There are no fees or dues to be Cadre, just active engagement in the community!


We are now accepting new Cadre to the team!!

To apply fill out the application form ! Good Luck 

Cadre Application Form

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